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Procurement division of fair trade project, founded by a mexican entrepreneur, since 2009.
Aiming to build, educate and guide, comunities, to grow new products, under fair trade practices, in order to reach any global food sourcing demand.

Our brands



Educate, grow, pack, and deliver, organic and conventional produce, under the highest quality standards among the industry. Seeking constantly to comply with fair trade and sustainable development practices.



Become a worldwide selected brand of choice bringing organic, and conventional produce. Providing orientation to all our growers and comunities associated, achieving fair trade commerce. under continuous research and development. Been able to fullfill any global food sourcing program.





We comply with the more actual certificatations on our associated growers and own packing facilities. Assuring the quality that each product and market requires.

FAIR TRADE & ORGANIC Certifications

In our educational programs. We look always to certifiy our products with the most respected third parties certifiers. To achieves any customer specific need.



We are mayor shareholders on several distribution facilities and freight forwarding companíes. TGFMX.

Securing the best service door to door. We have warehouses with quality control check points, and third party surveryors.

United States:

Henderson, NV
Chicago IL
Seattle, WA

Central America

Santo Domingo,
Rep Dominicana


Mexico City, CDMX
Culiacan, SIN
Cancun, QR


Lima, Peru


Amsterdam, NL
London, UK
Frankfurt, DE


Hong Kong, CN
Shanghai, CN
Tokyo, JP



We can develop under contract. ,  any project,  designed  to fullfill a specific need of fresh, frozen or dehydrated food,  globally.

Designing from  1 acre to 4,000 acres, if needed.
On any comodittie.

We include, marketing and feaseability  studies, executive projet, building and operation.

Sponsored by our profesional  colleagues  R+D+i Consulting


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